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Parents, at one time or another, will find they need someone to babysit their children. Those who are lucky enough to have family in the area may be able to delay this need for a period of time, yet an occasion may arise where they must call in someone outside the family for this task. Finding the right person for the job may seem challenging, but it doesn’t have to be if you make use of Sittercity. This service allows you to find someone who meets your needs in a short period of time, as it has helped countless parents in the past.

Why Sittercity?

There may be other companies offering a similar service at a discounted price. Parents need to consider many factors when choosing which service to use.

cFirst and foremost, what does the membership fee include? Are parents only receiving access to child care providers or other providers their family may need? What criteria can the parent search by and how many people participate in the service? These are all areas where Sittercity excels and one reason why many families refuse to look anywhere else.

Sittercity also offers other resources of help to families. The site contains blogs related to parenting and family life and members receive access to specially curated content in weekly emails available only to subscribers.  Parents find these extras to be of great benefit.

With the help of Sittercity, parents find they can locate a provider who fits their family’s needs perfectly. The goal is to locate someone who cares for the child in a manner similar to that of the parents and one who can adapt to the unique needs of the child. As parents can search by the criteria of most importance to them, it makes finding this person a task that isn’t a chore, and parents are sure to appreciate that. Be sure to check it out today, as you’ll have a child care provider in very short order.

If you’re looking for quality baby sitting services or nannies in your local area, one place online where you can turn is to This is a baby sitting registry that can connect parents with sitters in their area. You can use Sittercity whether you are just looking for a babysitter so that you can go out for the evening, or if you are looking for a live-in nanny to care for your children.

Some of the benefits offered by Sittercity include the following:

  • A vast array of profiles for baby sitters and child care givers.
  • Reviews from parents who have used the service.
  • Background checks available for purchase.
  • User friendly website.
  • Ability to search hundreds of profiles by zip code.

One of the best aspects about using Sittercity is that they have been featured on a number of television programs as well as in the Wall Street Journal and are very well known in the industry. As a result, they have a large database of babysitters.

Parents can also use the free review service offered by Sittercity to see what other parents are saying about certain babysitters in their area. This can be another valuable tool for parents who are trying to decide the right person they want to hire to care for their children.

The site also offers the option to purchase background checks on the sitters available. This is yet another level of comfort for parents who are concerned about leaving their children in the care of those who they do not know.

The site is very user friendly and parents can use the search feature to simply plug in their zip code and find available sitters in their area. Once they pull up a list of sitters, they can view their profile information and find those who will be able to match their needs with regard to child care services.

Those who are interested in babysitting can also contact Sittercity and input their name and information into the database. They can create a profile for themselves and look for work in their area. This site offers a safe way for parents and babysitters to connect with one another through the internet.  Sittercity is considered to be the top online child care service provider in the nation.

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Sittercity Features

Parents find they can easily search for sitters in the area simply be entering their zip code. This narrows down the available options quickly and easily and, once the list has been reduced to a manageable size, parents choose additional criteria to search by. For example, children often have after-school activities, thus parents want a child care provider who has their own transportation. Others find they need a babysitter who will be comfortable with pets, as they don’t want to put their animals outside when the sitter is there.

A concern of any parent when choosing someone to work with their child is the safety of the child. For this reason, Sittercity allows parents to narrow the results to only those with a background check. There is an additional cost for the background check, yet it is a very comprehensive one. It includes a violent crime and sexual offender registry check, a check for traffic violations, a national crime search and an identity check. Some sitters already have undergone the background check and share this information for free, or this check may have been completed by another parent or subscriber and shared with members.

References are always appreciated, and parents may elect to reduce the choices to only those who have reviews from users of the site. Other criteria a parent may search by include those who have experience with children with special needs, those who are willing to take on certain household tasks and more. Parents can choose one criteria to search by or multiple ones, depending on which factors they feel are of most importance.

Another concern of parents is their child’s health. The majority of parents want a provider who doesn’t smoke, as they don’t want to expose their children to secondhand smoke. Others want to ensure the provider is trained in first aid and CPR, as accidents do happen with children, even when the parents are present. A provider trained in these lifesaving measures instills the parent with confidence their child will receive help in a timely manner.

Sittercity Pricing

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Sittercity Benefits

Parent find the use of Sittercity allows them to obtain a wealth of information in a short period of time. Although the same tasks could be conducted by the parent, they tend to be time consuming. As every parent can attest, time is of the essence when one becomes a parent and there never seems to be enough. As the service makes it easy to find a child care provider, most parents are willing to spend the money required to sign up.

In addition, parents find there are resources offered on the site that provide information related to this task. It becomes easier to determine who to interview and who to avoid when the site is used, and the pool of applicants is much larger than most parents would typically have access to. Thanks to the sheer size of the babysitter database, parents can find the ideal person for their family’s needs quickly. The convenience of the site is enough to have many wanting to join and use the service, and individuals need to remember they have access to other providers when they pay the fee, including house sitters, elder care providers and more.

Client Feedback

Parents and caregivers LOVE Sittercity

Sittercity consistently receives great reviews from those who have used the service. Although a few do complain that they are charged a fee to find the provider, most love it. It reduces the stress associated with finding a child care provider and has been doing so since 2001.

Genevieve Thiers, a student at Boston College, looked to online dating services when developing the site, which originally focused only on the Boston area. Today, it now helps parents across the country and more than half a million have used it with great success. In fact, the site is so popular, it now helps families find a pet sitter, a tutor, care for elderly relatives and more.

Other Sittercity Services

If you have pets, then you understand that there are times when you are unable to be there for them. You may have an emergency that calls you out of the house for some reason, or you may not be able to let the dog out while you are at work. The best option is to use pet care from a pet care service such as what you can expect from Sittercity.

Sittercity offers pet owners and quality pet sitters to come together to find one another. When you are looking for someone to look after your pet while you are gone, you not only want someone you can trust with your animal, but also someone who you can trust in your home. Sittercity makes it easy for pet owners to find the ideal sitter for them and works hard to insure their safety.

Sittercity has a four step screening process to make sure that those who are seeking a job to take care of your pet are reliable as well as those you can trust in your home as well as with your pet. They also offer the option to purchase background checks so that you can take a look at the background of the sitter who you are considering hiring. As you most likely do not want to let a thief into your home to look after your dog while you are at work, this can be an invaluable tool.

There are comprehensive pet sitter profiles that you can review to take a look at those who are interested in watching your pet. You can learn about their experience in caring with animals as well as any special qualifications that they may have. You can also participate in pet sitter video interviews that can be helpful when you are trying to figure out who is the best person you can use to care for your pet.

It is easy to use the Sittercity site. You can search for pet sitters by zip code so that you can find one in your area. If you are interested in becoming a pet sitter for someone else, you can register with the site as well.

Sittercity offers everything from those who will sit with your pet while you are out of town, to dog walkers as well as cat sitters. If you have a pet and need to leave town for a few days, it is often preferable to hire a pet sitter to come in and take the pet out instead of having to board them at a kennel. The pet sitting service can also look in on your cat if you are away. You can also use the dog walking service to make sure that your dog gets walked properly on a daily basis, even while you are at work.

Sittercity is your one stop for all sitting services. In addition to offering pet sitting services, they will also help you connect with those who can help you with housekeeping, elder care and even child care in your home. You can find those who are right in your area to look after your pet when you use the services of Sittercity.

If your child is struggling in school, the best way to help them is to hire a tutor. You can get a tutor for various subjects such as English and Math as well as basic homework help. By hiring a tutor for your child, you are enabling them to stay one step ahead of the class and avoid falling behind when it comes to homework. Tutors who work for Sittercity specialize in various types of tutoring for your child and can be found right in your area. Sittercity has been featured on a number of different TV programs including ABC, CNN, CBS and FOX as well as Real Simple and Martha Stewart. When your child needs help with their schoolwork, you can turn to the tutoring service offered by Sittercity.

It is easy for you to get started with Sittercity in finding a tutor. You can put your zip code into the search field and find comprehensive tutor files for all of the tutors in your area as well as what their specialty when it comes to tutoring. You can take a look at these profiles of those in the area in which you live for free before making up your mind to join the site.

Once you join the site, you can be assured of not only quality tutors, but those who have passed a four step screening process. You also have an option to purchase background checks on the tutors. Sittercity is a site that helps those who need help in their homes find those who are willing to work in your home. Because the search is done by area, you are assured of not only getting a qualified tutor who has passed a rigorous screening process, but also one who is right in your area.

You can use the site easily to find what you want. You work out a fee schedule with the tutor yourself and not through the site. Most tutors charge based upon their own education and experience as well as the time that they put into the job. Many parents find that an online service like this is invaluable as they can find people right in the area who can help their child stop struggling in school.

There are many other services provided by Sittercity. They include everything from child care to pet minding services. When you are looking for someone to work in your home, you are better off to use a site like Sittercity that will provide background checks, perform identity authentication on candidates, and help you find someone in your area with whom you feel comfortable. The fee to join this type of online site is nominal, especially when you consider the benefits to your child that will come from one on one tutoring in the home. If your child needs a tutor, let Sittercity help you find the perfect tutor to help them with their school work.

If you have an elderly parent living with you, you may worry about them while you are at work or if you have to leave town. Even if your elderly relative lives on their own, you know that there are times that they may need help. You can help them by getting Senior Care through the use of Sittercity. This is a service that matches up people in your area who can look after your elderly relative and also offers a screening process.

Rather than put an ad in the paper for someone to look after your loved one, you are better off to use a service that will check out applicants to make sure that they are qualified for the job. When you use Sittercity as your service for senior care, you will be assured of a four step screen process that applicants must go through. Background checks are available for purchase. If the caregiver already has a background check, the sitter may share the results with the parent.

It is easy for you to use the site and find the ideal senior care when you use Sittercity. You can take a look at the senior care provider profiles that are listed on the site to see if you find one who has the experience that you need. While some people just need someone to look in on mom or dad once in a while, some people may need more comprehensive care for their loved one. You can take a look at the experience of the individuals who are seeking to care for seniors when you take a look at their senior care provider profiles.

It is very easy to find someone in your area to look after your senior loved one as you can access the site and view the profiles for free by plugging in your zip code. This gives you a good overview of the people who are in your area who are looking for work taking care of seniors.

If you are looking for a job to take care of seniors in their homes, you can also use the Sittercity site. You can register with the site so that others who are seeking your services in caring for elderly loved ones can find you through your profile.

Whether your elderly loved one lives with you or lives alone, it is a good idea to have someone check on them on a regular basis to make sure that they are okay and do not need anything. While you cannot be there all of the time, you can use a sitter from Sittercity to give you the help that you need in caring for elderly relatives. This is much less expensive than a nursing facility and allows seniors to remain independent and in their own environment for much longer, while also giving you the peace of mind in knowing that they are safe and well cared for.

Sittercity offers many more services than just looking after your children, elderly parents and pets. You can also find a housekeeper when you use this online service. If you are looking for a reliable housekeeper, you know how difficult it can be to find someone. If you use a service, they might end up charging you a fortune. If you use someone from the area, however, you not only get someone close to where you live, but tend to save money at the same time. When you use the housekeeper service at Sittercity, you can find top quality housekeepers in your area.

In addition to housekeepers who can come in when you need them to take care of your house, you can also get house sitters to look after your house when you are out of town by using Sittercity. If you are looking for a full time maid for your home, you can also find this service when you use the site Sittercity. Looking for someone to help you with your household chores and look after your home has never been so easy.

Sittercity matches up people in your area who are looking for jobs with those who need the services. They offer a four step screening process so that you can feel comfortable with the job applicants as well as background checks available for purchase. If the housekeeper already has a background check, they may share the results with you. You can take a look at detailed housekeeper profiles when you go online and put your zip code into the search field. You can pull up different profiles in the area that will tell you the type of housekeeping people are willing to do. No matter what you are looking for by way of housekeeping, you can find it when you use this site.

In addition, the site also offers housekeeper video interviews so that you can get to know something about the housekeeper before you decide to hire them. It is up to each service provider to set their fees as well as outline the work that they can do for you. Once you find a match, you can hire someone to do your housekeeping, house sitting or maid service for you.

Using an online service like Sittercity is the best way to get what you are looking for when it comes to finding people in your area who you want to hire to work in your home. In addition to getting housekeeping services, you can use this site to get other in home service such as pet care, child care, elder care and even tutoring for your children through this site. You can browse the site for free to pull up profiles in your area of people who are willing to work for you.

The site is easy to use and the background checks and screening process that applicants go through make it safe to use when you are hiring someone to work in your home. If you are planning on hiring a housekeeper, maid or house sitter, then you should take a free look at Sittercity and what they can do for you.

I found a great reliable babysitter who met all my requirements (and who my children love) with very little effort on the Sittercity site.

-Laurel L., Newton, MA

I have lived in Fairfield County for two years and have been unable to find a babysitter. I learned of your site in Kiplinger’s magazine. I logged in, posted a babysitting job and had eight replies within a day. I interviewed one candidate and hired her for the babysitting job that very day. She was great. My kids really liked her and my husband and I can have a life again! Thank you so much for a wonderful service.

-Catherine L., Trumbull, CT

Sittercity helped me find a babysitter quickly and easily.

-Elizabeth S., Cleveland, OH

We went from no leads at all to more qualified babysitters than we could possibly use.

-Neil S., Newtonville, MA

I was contacted by two sitters immediately after I registered. They have both been wonderful and my children request them almost daily. I especially look forward to using the site during the summer – the most difficult time to recruit sitters!

-Susan G., Wellesley, MA

I have only been a member for 3 hours and already I have a babysitter coming Friday night!!

-Barbara J., Newton Centre, MA

It is so nice to know that you can find a babysitter who your children trust from one source.

-Lisa K., Burlington, MA

I am very happy with the babysitter I found on this site!!

-Kate C., Wellesley, MA

Worked for us! We went from having no leads at all to more qualified babysitters than we could possibly use. Tremendous value for 40 bucks.

-Neil S., Newtonville, MA

I have found 2 great babysitters on your Web site. I am now looking to find another one. I always refer people to the site when they are having trouble finding a babysitter in their area.

-Kerry M., S. Grafton, MA

As soon as I read about Sittercity’s babysitters, I went online and signed up. It’s the best $40 I ever spent.

-Hillary F., Crystal, MN

I posted a babysitting job at 10am, and by 1pm, I already had a babysitter at my house for an interview. By the end of the next day, I had over 30 responses from babysitters. Sittercity is a great resource. Thanks!

-Marisa K., Philadelphia, PA

We have met with two of your babysitters and were very impressed with the two of them! We are looking forward to a long and happy working relationship with both of them. We had been looking for mature professional child care for some time and saw your site on Chronicle. This is a wonderful concept for people that are looking for the best caretakers for their children! Keep up the great work!

-Marcia B., Framingham, MA

I posted a babysitting job and in a day, I received an overwhelming response – over 65 calls/emails! It was tough to choose a babysitter, but eventually, I’ve found 3 that we really love. Now we don’t have to bother our friends to babysit; we can actually go out with them now!

-Pam R., New York, NY

I easily found a wonderful babysitter that was able to work on the specific day and times that I needed. Then when her schedule changed the following semester, I was easily able to repost the job and find another wonderful babysitter. What a great resource!

-Kim D., Barrington, RI

I attended the “Speed Sitting” event at Dylan’s Candy Bar in NYC this morning. It was fabulous! In just a short period of time I was able to meet and connect with great babysitters! I’ve already contacted two of them and have arranged for them to come over later this week to meet my son. Thanks Sittercity! I finally feel as if I’ll have peace of mind leaving my son with someone other than a family member!

-Lauren C., New York, NY

What a great site! I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks and well done! Sittercity has made our search for a qualified babysitter a pleasant and painless process! In the last month, my husband and I have interviewed via email, phone and in person at least 15 babysitters with varying backgrounds to watch our daughter. Before trying Sittercity, I relied on family to help us. Now we have at least two sitters, who are trained, comfortable with our situation and willing to babysit on a regular basis. I admit I touted your site to my friends and neighbors before using it myself and can’t believe I ever waited! Now I am even using it to find a dog walker! Thanks again.

-Kathleen S., Highland Park, IL

I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you. I found two fantastic babysitters to help me out. I feel like I’m getting my life back!

-Andrea F., Red Bank, NJ

Thank you for providing this service! We were new to our area and had no idea what we were going to do for babysitting. We found the most wonderful babysitter who goes to college 7 miles from us. This was a great experience and I’ve been recommending you to all our friends. Thanks again!!!

-Trina W., Sudbury, MA

As a parent, I am thrilled with your Web site. I have tried similar sites in the past, with absolutely no success. When I saw listed as a sponsor of Moxie Moms, I was just desperate enough to give it one more try. I was shocked to get 100 potential babysitters over the age of 19 within 15 miles of my house on my first – and so far only – search. I was even more astounded when, within 24 hours of sending a batch of emails to the best of the lot, I had more than just a few enthusiastic responses. I seriously considered 10 babysitters from your group (along with a few others), interviewed 4 and am about to hire 1. Thanks so much for your help. I’ll be sharing this story with every parent I know.

-Joan D., Lafayette, CO

I had looked for an after-school babysitter for three years without success using conventional methods. With Sittercity, I found a fantastic babysitter within two weeks of posting my first job. She’s been with us all year and plans to come back in the fall!

-Suzanne F., Cranston, RI

This is the second time I’ve used Sittercity to find caregivers and babysitters for our church. I’ve had great success both times, and this second time I had so many responses that I could hardly keep up with them. Thanks for a very beneficial service.

-Valerie B., Houston, TX

We are really pleased with, as we are not from this area and needed to find babysitters for our two little ones. We prefer to have an older babysitter and have found a couple of great babysitters that are responsible and love kids. I have recommended this service to my friends!

-Stacy C-K., Eden Prairie, MN

I am completely pleased with Your site layout is very easy to navigate and your search tools to find babysitters in my neighborhood go from a simple search to a detailed search depending upon my needs. We have found 3 wonderful babysitters using your site, they were all prompt in arrival, professional and most importantly our kids loved them. Thanks for creating such a wonderful product for busy parents!

-Brenda C., Minnetonka, MN

Sittercity has helped me change my life for the better. I don’t have any family in the area, and I used to listen jealously as my fellow moms talked about aunts and grandmas giving them a night off from time to time. I wasn’t sure how to or where to find a babysitter, or approach someone about sitting. When my son was 10 months old and finally sleeping well, I was ready to reclaim the part of my life that involved some baby-free time. Sittercity was the answer to my needs. I was able to make an “A-list” of many sitters in my neighborhood with qualifications I liked. I found many babysitters who had home addresses just blocks away, were attending local colleges or high schools, were First Aid and CPR qualified, and had local references. I’ve been able to find a babysitter on short notice when I need to, because my A-list has plenty of sitters to choose from. I’m very happy with the Sittercity service, and very happy with the women who have been babysitters for my son. I’m also most happy to have the flexibility to schedule appointments as I need them, and thrilled to have a “date night” out with my husband!

-Leslie T., St. Paul, MN

I joined a few weeks ago and I can’t express how I pleased I am with the service! Having four children, we have always had to rely on family or friends to take care of all of them. I always knew there must be capable young and older adults who would be interested in working for us…but how to connect with them? Desperate for last minute help, I joined at the advice of a friend. Almost immediately I heard from several wonderful babysitters. This service has been amazing for my peace of mind, for me and my husband’s relationship, AND the relationships with family and friends!

-Natalie P., Inver Grove Heights, MN

There were no teenagers in our neighborhood so we always struggled to find babysitters for our 2 young children. When I found out about, I immediately located several babysitters within a couple miles of our home. I always recommend to anyone who mentions they’re looking for a babysitter.

-Lisa M., Minnetonka, MN

What a great service! I hired one of the first babysitters I met and she’s great…I’ll hate to see her go when she goes back to college in the fall. She’s been an amazing help with my 5-year old (when he’s around and home from day camp) and she’s just as good with our 6 month old. It’s been such a huge help having her around…two friends had told me about their success finding a babysitter on and I’m so glad I pursued it. A wonderful service for all of us moms (and dads!)

-Deborah N., Ashland, MA

I have found not one but two fantastic babysitters each with their own special qualities. And one is less than 1 mile away. Great job Sittercity!

-Susan A., Grayslake, IL

I am very impressed with the Website…very easy to use! I got a great response from babysitters in the area, but I found a great babysitter that lives close by who is very knowledgable and capable…we love her! Thanks for the help in getting sitters and parents hooked up!

-Rebecca F., Sacramento, CA

Thank you so much for such a successful experience with We had desperately been seeking child care, with no luck, from posting on other Web sites and from community and friend referrals. Within three days of posting on, we had over 30 responses and within two weeks, had hired three wonderful babysitters for periodic babysitting. Your Web site is extremely user-friendly and we are grateful for this life-changing experience. Thanks again.

-Karen S., Roslindale, MA

Thank you for your Web site. As a single parent, I was looking for a way to make some extra money. I found your site and registered. Within a few days, I started babysitting for a family on an occasional basis. I now have 2 families that I regularly babysit for. Both families are gracious enough to let me bring my daughter with, so she gets more interaction with kids too. Thank you for such a wonderful service!

-Janet W., Niles, IL

My kids, husband and I are thrilled with our new sitter – too good to be true! Thank you for being a site that had a large enough draw to put us together.

-Bonnie N., Finksburg, MD

I just signed up for Sittercity — what a great site! Great job. Congratulations.

-Elaine V., Boston, MD

I just had to write an e-mail to tell you what a wonderful service you have created. I am a Mother to 2 little girls and we live over 1200 miles away from all of our family. It has been impossible to say the least to try to find sitters on my own. I saw a spot on the Today show that recommended your site and I thought I would give it a try. I signed up on Friday and ran an ad for a sitter. By the end of the weekend I had over 32 applicants. I’ve met with 3-4 different sitters and loved all of them. They are exactly what we are looking for and I can’t Thank you enough. From the bottom of my heart – Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for helping our family find the perfect sitter!

-Kara B., Boynton Beach, FL

I joined Sittercity last week and have been very happy with the results so far. I posted a job yesterday and have received about 8 responses!

-Jen G., Dracut, MA

We love Sittercity. We found excellent sitters whom we absolutely love and trust with our kids and in our home. Would recommend you to anyone I know!

-Maureen S, Braintree, MA

Since I’ve joined, I have found a number of amazing babysitters for my two children. Sittercity does all the hard work for me and allows me to just search profiles of potential sitters from an easy to use database! The process is simple and the girls that I have found are highly qualified and wonderful!

-Erin W., Hingham, MA

Moving from the big city, I was worried about finding a new babysitter that we weren’t used to. made it effortless to find a reputable sitter who could come to our home when we needed a parental break. Living in Mishawaka, I even found a babysitter to use in Chicago for a weekend outing. We were not able to interview her in advance because of the distance, but archiving a background check on her was pivotal in making the decision to go with her. She was amazing and my daughter kept saying how much she missed her after the trip! I love that no matter where you are, you can count on to help you find a great babysitter. I plan on using the service to find a babysitter in New Orleans, when we travel there this fall. I can’t reccomend them enough!

-Jennifer S., Mishawaka, IN

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