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Are you in need of help around the home? Trying to juggle work, family and other responsibilities leaves many with little time for themselves, and this fails to take into account that certain areas of life may suffer when a person takes on too much. We understand this and are here to ensure your problems are over. Whether you are in need of a babysitter to have a night out with your spouse or you need a full time nanny to care for the children, we help you find the individual who best meets your needs. For many, however, more assistance is needed in and around the home. For this reason, we also help those in need of a tutor for their child, a pet sitter, a house cleaner or elderly care. Find the right person based on your specific requirements, whether this be their rating, pay rate credentials or another variable. We are here to help.
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Why Babysitters Registry?

When you make use of Babysitters Registry, you’ll find you can narrow the available options by those criteria most of importance to you. This allows you to find the perfect individual for your unique needs, and you obtain peace of mind, as you can view background clearances and checks. Learn from those who have used the services of an individual before to see if they meet your requirements. Those using the site find they have access to all care types offered on our site, and we provide flexible membership options. Some opt to make use of the free trial, yet others want to benefit from an annual membership plan, and those who do so find they can save by going this route.

In addition, we offer additional resources to make the process of choosing easier. Learn how to go about selecting a sitter or the various definitions of types of childcare. Find out how to go about interviewing a babysitter and read some tools and tips for parents. We have articles regarding every type of service offered on our site and are continuously adding new resources to help you also. Be sure to see them all. 

Check out our site today to discover your options when it comes to help around your home. Life can be overwhelming and we understand this. For this reason, we help you find individuals who can handle all household tasks for you. Don’t rely on the classified ads or word of mouth. You need to know those you are bringing into your home are safe and can be trusted. We help you with this and numerous other tasks. The sooner you explore our site, the sooner you will have peace of mind and more time on your hands to spend as you choose, whether it be in activities you enjoy or simply spending time with family and friends. We are here to assist you in any way we can, as we have done for countless others.

Services Summary

Babysitters and Nannies
Your children are precious, and you want someone to care for them as much as you do. We help parents find the right person for their needs and the needs of their child, as these vary greatly by family and individual. When choosing a babysitter, you’ll find you can narrow the options by whether they have transportation, if they smoke, whether they have reviews from previous and current clients and more. Search by rating, distance, years of experience, location and more. In addition, you can narrow the options by full time, part time, after school, overnight, short notice, date night and long term. Certifications and special needs experience are also addressed on our site, as we understand each family unit has their own variables they take into consideration when making a decision of this type.

The same can be done when you are searching for a nanny, as opposed to a babysitter. We also offer information on day care centers because we understand people have different needs and requirements when it comes to child care. Be sure to read our articles to learn more about teenage babysitters, hiring a babysitter online, average babysitter rates and more. This is our area of specialty, thus you will find a lot of helpful information here. We do understand the challenges families are facing nevertheless, as most adults are now wearing multiple hats, and we offer assistance with other household providers for this reason.

Senior Care
Many adults now find they are in the sandwich generation, taking care of both their growing children and their aging parents. Finding care for both generations becomes easier with the help of Babysitters Registry. Whether an elderly family member requires a ride to a medical appointment or someone to talk to when they get lonely, we’ll help you find the right person, one who blends well with their personality and makes them feel truly cared for. As with babysitters and nannies, you choose which criteria are most important to you and begin your search that day. To make the decision process easier, we also offer articles on various topics, including skill sets to look for in senior caregivers versus those needed in a babysitter. With this information, you’ll find narrowing down the options becomes much easier, although we do recommend that you obtain input from the family member in need of care. Doing so helps to ensure you find the right person for the job the first time.
Pet Care
Most pet owners consider their animal a part of the family and treat them as such. No one wants to leave their animal home alone for an extended period of time, not simply because the animal might find a way to get into trouble, but also because animals, like humans, need socialization. When you find you need someone to come to your home and care for a pet, visit out pet sitters section of the site. This tends to be more complicated than choosing a sitter, as pet owners must try to read their pet and determine if they are comfortable with this individual. For some animals, such as dogs, this isn’t difficult, as dogs happily express their emotions. When other animals are involved, such as cats, determining if they are comfortable with the pet sitter becomes more of an issue. Finding someone to care for a lizard, hamster or other pet can be extremely challenging also, yet we match site visitors with those who are willing to care for these types of animals and more.

Visit the site to learn how to choose a pet sitter, why pet sitters are better than kennels and much more. The more information you have in hand when you go to make this decision, the easier the process becomes. Pet sitting involves many different types of tasks. With our site, you’ll discover you can find someone for boarding, dog walking and more. Caring for your pet has never been easier thanks to our site and its many offerings.

House Cleaning
One task that often fails to the wayside when life gets busy is cleaning the house. Very things are as frustrating, however, as coming home to a messy home and tripping over items or going to get clothing only to find everything is dirty. With the help of a house cleaning service, this is never an issue. Finding the right cleaner to allow in the home can be difficult. You need someone you can trust to care for your home as if it were their own and someone who is trustworthy and reliable. We help people every day find the right person for their needs, one who is willing to take on the tasks most important to the family and their day-to-day life.

One concern of many when hiring a house cleaner is price. We understand budgets are tight for many families, and we allow clients to search by hourly rate to make the hiring process easier. Other criteria individuals may search by include rating, distance, languages spoken and more. Don’t spend your time cleaning house when you have better things to do. We’re here to help you find the right house cleaner for your needs, based on your specific preferences.

The time may come when your child runs into difficulty at school. Parents often find they don’t understand the homework their son or daughter is being asked to do or the child has progressed further than they did in school so they are unable to help. When you have a child in need of extra assistance in one or more subjects, turn to us to assist in finding a tutor to provide this assistance.

Children learn in different ways and we recognize this. Many of our caregivers now provide information on their teaching style, their areas of specialty and more. Experience in the subject to be taught also must be considered, along with education. Choose a tutor based on these and other criteria to ensure you get the right individual for your child, one who can truly help them excel in school.