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sarla n. uranga


about me: my name is sarla; I am 32 years of age. I am very caring, loving and have a big heart.. I help people when in need and I love children and the joy they bring to me. I like sports and the outdoors. I am the younger of two children and I have been raised in a large family of cousins, nieces and nephews. I love children and care for them as if they were my own. I went to a christian private academy, where I learned that family and love is the most important in life.

objective: my goal in caring for children is to give them the love and care that their own parents would give them. I would like for the children I care for someday to grow up to be respectful,caring,well behaved children, who can look back and have great memories with their nanny/childcare provider as well as be able to show others the same traits to their children someday and be proud of themselves.

my promise: I promise to care for each child as if they were my own. to care for them to the best of my abilities. to instill quality and good manners in and outside the home. I promise to make each day better than the last.

qualifications: first aid presbyterian hospital albuquerque, new mexico cpr presbyterian hospital albuquerque, new mexico heart monitor presbyterian hospital albuquerque, new mexico

additional qualifications: I also have experience with children with disabilities: children with down syndrome, speech disabilities, learning disabilities, autism, blindness, add/adhd,as well as children on medications and other disabilities.

other information: I keep a daily menu, diaper change chart, nap times, daily activities, and notes for each child for each day I care for the child.. the parent can take it home each night to revue, it allows you to see what your child has done throughout the day and you will not be left out.


full time nanny (military family)�
i care for a 6 year old girl and 4 year old boy. duties include getting children ready for school,breakfast and dripping off at school. picking up youngest at noon and doing activities with him till 4pm that oldest gets out of school, take home and do homework. snack, and dinner. also take to zoo. aquarium, peter piper pizza, museums, etc. some weekends worked to take children to outings as well.

i have been the nanny to 1 1/2 year old girl since. she was two months, I have cared for her full time while parents work. I take her to parks, walks, water park, music and story time and to play dates.

as needed childcare�
i have been caring for a family with five year old and one year old girls. I am caring for them as an emergency basis till they go to school. I play, feed, and care for them while mom is away at work.

live in nanny�
1/2011-4-2012 I was a live in nanny for a set of 2 year old twin girls and a 4 year old girl. I cared for the girls while parents were working and running their own business. assisted mom on taking girls to the beach, zoo, and other activities. cleaned home and prepared meals for the family.

part time nanny 5/4/2010-8/29/2010�
i cared for a set of paternal twin girls that are now 6 months old. the girls were one month premature but are in good health. I cared for the girls 25 hours per week. I helped mom with caring for the girls, changing diapers, breastfeeding/bottle feeding. entertain the girls and help with developmental achievements. I also helped with laundry, washing/sterilize bottles, dishes, light cooking for family if needed.

childcare provider 01/2002-4/2010�
i cared for children in my home and in another home with one other child care provider. we had ten children ages ranged from 2 weeks old to 8 years old. we had a daily routine and activities for the children. we also would do weekly outings (swimming, park, little gym, walks and much more). children were learning abc’s and 123’s, potty training and spanish.

nanny (short term nanny) 12/2009-12/31/2009�
i cared for a 13moth old little girl for the month of december.. I would go to the child abc’s home and care for her throughout the week, I would get there at 7 a.m. get the baby ready (clothed),i make breakfast and play with her, we would read books and make puzzles together and worked on sign language flash cards.

live in nanny 8/2009-11/2009�
i cared for a set of 3 year old twins, one boy one girl and an 11 year old boy. I lived in the home every other week.. I took the oldest to school daily and the twins I would take them out and have them interact with other children their age. I would take them to the zoo, library, itz, peter piper, little gym. I would make breakfast, lunch and dinner for the family and clean the home. I also was a personal assistant to the mother. as well as teaching them table manners and potty training, cleaning up their toys and teaching them abc’s,123’s shapes and colors.