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  • 19 Miles Away

    I m a 21 year old college student looking to help parents out by watching kids and or pets! I absolutely love children and animals and I actually have 5 animals by myself. I don t have a lot of experience babysitting, but I use to babysit my cousins when ...

  • < 1 Mile Away

    I have worked with children from ages 6 weeks- 15 y.o. for the past 5 1/2 years. i have worked at different child care centers. i have experience with special needs children.

  • 17 Miles Away

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  • 5 Miles Away

    I have been working in child care for a total of about two and a half years. I love children. They are just a joy to be around! I am very loving and kindhearted as well!

  • 5 Miles Away

    I love taking care of children. I am young, but I've been taking care of children since I was age 10 years old. I took care of my little sister since she was four because my mom had a full time job. When...

  • 5 Miles Away

    First and foremost, I am a mommy and I love it. I have a boy age 8 who goes to school from 8:00 a.m. -3:30 p.m. Monday-Friday and my husband is home in the evenings with them. I love kids and I am very...

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  • 10 Miles Away

    I am a loving grandmother that has raised not only my children, but my grandchildren, and the children of so many others. I am an 'old school' nurturer that believes in giving our children all the love that they deserve, as well as building up their precious minds, souls, and ...

  • Hi my name is tanya I am 31 years old and I have 16years experience babysitting all ages I have three kids my own two boys and a girl and yes I do know how to do cpr for days and nights I charge 16 per child and for overnights ...

  • I m very kind and creative I love making kids think outside the box and getting intouch with there creative side. I know when it s time to have fun and when it s time to get things down I promise your kids will enjoy being around me as much ...

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  • Hi, I am new to Chester and I do not have family here. I am looking to find a reliable sitter from time to time.

  • We are looking for someone experienced to babysit our little boy during the week. He’s very energetic and such a sweet boy. No disabilities, no medications and no allergies.

  • In need of childcare for two children in my home, ages 2,5 and 4. I would like someone part time, dates and times are flexible. Either a couple days a week or a few hours in the morning. Must be comfortable with dogs and a non smoker

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Daycare - 175 Results Near 23860
  • Champions @ North Elementary School
    5 Miles Away

    We are a licensed child day center.Please call for more information.

    11100 Old Stage Road,
    Prince George, VA

    (804) 458-1294

  • Mrs. Mercedes Chapman
    5 Miles Away

    We are a state-licensed family day home.Please call for more information.

    7400 Trailing Rock Road,
    Prince George, VA

    (804) 541-1947

  • Blessed Hope Community Church
    5 Miles Away

    We are a religious exempt child day center .Please call for more information.

    BHCC Daycare & Learning Ctr., 6899 Lakepoint Drive
    Prince George, VA

    (804) 519-2777

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