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  • 16 Miles Away

    I ve always wanted to work with children it s just a very good passion of mind. Though I can only work part-time, it will still be good to put actual experience on a resume. I can work anytime after five, I m sure there s a lot of parents ...

  • 13 Miles Away

    I am a mother of three grown children and would love to care and nurture children again! I have a degree in marketing and have worked in the hotel industry all my life. I currently work from my home in the hotel business but would love the opportunity to assist ...

  • 2 Miles Away

    I have been babysitting since I was about 13. I have throughout the years babysat cousins, friends children, nieces and nephews, friends of family, babysat for people I did not know but was recommended by someone. I can babysit infants to children of any age. I have a vehicle so ...

  • 5 Miles Away

    I'm a current nursing student at Southern University. Former medical assistant. Searching for part time job. I'm have past babysitting skills from my nieces, nephew and little cousins.

  • 19 Miles Away

    Hello. My name is Princess. I absolutely love working with children. I just love the personalities and attitudes that they come with. I have experience working with infants as well as toddlers and after school care ages 6-12 . I worked at Greater Philadelphia Child Care Academy where i was ...

  • 7 Miles Away

    Hi. I love interacting with and taking care of children. I have two boys of my own and they our my world. I have 3 years of paid experience. I love to help others when I can. I love pets and cooking for my family. I would love to help ...

  • 6 Miles Away

    Hi, my name is Brea. I’m a 23 year old college student. I have experience babysitting children ranging from 6 months to 10 years old. I love kids and animals.

  • 19 Miles Away

    Hi! My name is Savannah Newman. I was born in Oregon but have been living in Baton Rouge for 13 years. I graduated from Lee Magnet High School and completed one year at Baton Rouge Community College. I am taking this semester off but planning to go back to school ...

  • 16 Miles Away

    Hi my name is Dawn. I just recently stopped taking care of a family because the children have grown up and the mother retired,after 12 years. My passion has always been taking care of children,and watching them grow up .always bittersweet! The children were 2,and 4. Now 1 just experienced ...

  • 15 Miles Away

    I am a nice person easy to get alone with,I love working and helping others. I have watched elderly people and also dealt with mental and behavior kids.Mu experience with was ok but the guy I was watching had a very bad temper and he was 6 5 and he ...

  • 19 Miles Away

    I’m a sophomore at LSU, I have a lot of experience babysitting children. I grew up helping with many siblings and younger cousins. I also work at Whole Foods, but I love children so I’m looking for something to do for extra money.

  • 7 Miles Away

    Have babysat for neighbors and family in the past. I have a 9 year old brother who I helped raise. I am a nursing student at LSUHSC and am CPR certified. I have my own, reliable, transportation..

  • 19 Miles Away

    I have always loved to be around children. I am most comfortable in watching kids 1 years of age and older. I have been a babysitter for 4 summers now and have loved every part of it.

  • 13 Miles Away

    I am an 18 year old girl who will be graduating from Baton Rouge Magnet High School this year. I m an excellent student and i speak multiple languages. All of my prior work experience has been working with children and I do it because I love it! I worked ...

  • 7 Miles Away

    I have alway been surrounded by children my whole life. My mother worked at numerous nurseries and I loved helping taking care of these children. I have 2 younger siblings a TON of cousins. I have babysat for most of my life. I also worked at a daycare for almost ...