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  • 14 Miles Away

    I am nicknamed Artsy Mary Poppins for a reason! I make sure that the entire evening is full of entertainment and engagement for your children, whether it be me bringing my arts and crafts skills or musical piano playing and singing to the table, children will always be happy and ...

  • 13 Miles Away

    When I was twelve I became a babysitter. I sat for a 16-month-old baby, and made 12. Since then, I've babysat for a number of different children in all different places, and made enough money to do extracirricular activities. When I moved to LA, I worked for a kids' party ...

  • 18 Miles Away

    Hey there. My name is Melissa Morales and I have been babysitting part-time for quite a while and really enjoy it as a side and job because I love kids : I am currently an English major as FIU and I am 23 years old. I speak spanish and english ...

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  • < 1 Mile Away

    My name is Lauren. I am a 24-year-old [San Fernando] Valley native. I am a preschool and Sunday school teacher. I earned my degree in Child and Adolescent Development at California State University, Northridge....

  • < 1 Mile Away

    I currently live in Santa Monica, CA. I am 19 years old, and I have been babysitting for 7 years. I am currently attending Santa Monica College, and working in retail, but still have a strong interest...

  • < 1 Mile Away

    I love children, and have been working with them since the age of 10. I enjoy seeing them happy. I'm passionate about what I do because I want to have many children when I get married, and need a lot of experience first.

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  • 5 Miles Away

    I have over twenty years experience babysitting children. i've worked at day camps, overnight camps, and carnivals. after graduating from college I worked as a nanny for four children for over five years, all under the age of ten. I enjoy working with kids, teaching them things and having fun. ...

  • Hello, my name is ellie rae, I'm a mature, responsible eighteen year old sitter.caring for little ones is my passion. most recently, I was a live in nanny for a household of three small kids all beneath the age of seven, I cooked and cleaned as well as caring for ...

  • 7 Miles Away

    Hi I am a petsitter with experience I have been petsitting for about four years I walk the dogs, watch them while you are out of town and I can even watch them at my house. I also baby sit for children on weekends I have a child of my ...

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  • looking for New year's Eve sitter for 3 year old who will be sleeping already and three and a half month old who you just need to feed occasionally and keep sleeping. hours are from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m Dec 31st. Must be okay with caring for infant and ...

  • 12 Miles Away

    Someone to come over at 7am to get kids up, breakfast and take to school ..............the kids are able to do most themselves they just need someone to make sure when they get up that they do not go back to bed

  • Every once in a while my wife and I have jobs on the same day. We need a pick up of our son at school in Culver City, drive to Mid-Wilshire and stay with him until one of us gets home not past 8pm and probably closer to 7pm. He's ...

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Daycare - 51 Results Near 91325
  • Canyon Vista Children'S Learning Center
    7 Miles Away

    Please Call for More Information.

    10616 Andora Ave.
    Chatsworth, CA

    (818) 709-2980

  • Rocky Peak Preschool And Daycare
    7 Miles Away

    Please Call for More Information.

    22601 Santa Susana Pass Road
    Chatsworth, CA

    (818) 709-0113

  • Robin's Nest Kid-care
    7 Miles Away

    Visit for all pertinent info!

    Near Devonshire & Corbin
    Chatsworth, CA

    (818) 885-6378

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