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Once upon a time, finding a babysitter wasn’t all that difficult. In fact, grandma was typically the go-to candidate. If she didn’t live right there in your home with you, she wasn’t very far away. All it took was a quick phone call or showing up at the door with the kids to place them in her trusted charge. Eventually, families became a little more widely distributed, and many began needing searching beyond the blood-bound parameters to find a trustworthy soul on whom to depend.

In truth, this wasn’t really much of an issue, either. Most neighborhoods had their fair shares of responsible teenage girls ready and willing to come to the community’s assistance. This created a mutual opportunity for everyone involved. Parents with young children could work an extra few hours every day or schedule a date night without fear, and those young ladies were able to earn a little extra spending money while developing a reputation for being dependable and mature enough to handle the job.

Obviously, times have changed. These days, grandma either lives across the country or has a social life of her own. Those levelheaded teens are still out there, but they’re fewer and farther between than only a few short decades ago. The remaining few who aren’t too overloaded with homework to take on part-time babysitting gigs have been sought out by a lucky handful of families and placed on retainer. What are the rest of us to do?

A Nationwide Solution Steps in

At Babysitters Registry, we understand the struggle, and we developed our website to help fill the growing gap in supply versus demand. We realize online networking isn’t really a new concept, but we’ve incorporated a few elements to set ourselves apart from the rest. First and foremost, we’re your all-inclusive link to a number of different caregiver connection websites, such as and Aside from that, we provide our own exclusive lists of not only individual local sitters¬†but nearby daycare centers as well. That’s only the beginning of our services for those searching for someone they can trust to care for their little ones.


When you’re looking for a babysitter, you need someone whose availability matches your schedule. Without the capacity to be there when you need them, all the other characteristics you’re hoping for are moot points. On Babysitters Registry, you’ll find caregivers who are available part-time or full-time along with those who can, or can’t, be called on short notice for the unexpected situations arising from time to time. Their locations in comparison to yours play into the scenario as well. Finding the perfect babysitter means nothing if he or she happens to live four hours away, so we allow you to narrow your search to a variety of distance-based parameters.


Most families are reluctant to trust their children to someone who has little-to-no experience working with youngsters, and rightly so. Of course, a babysitting history directly related to your children’s age groups is equally vital. Our sitters’ familiarity with various age groups are clearly listed on their profiles, so you can choose based on their previous experience. They’re also ready and willing to provide references at your request, giving you the added peace of mind that comes with knowing other parents have been satisfied with their services.


Certain personality traits, such as patience and kindness, are universal when it comes to finding a babysitter, but it’s also important to find a caregiver whose disposition dovetails with those of your children. If your little ones are typically excited, constantly on the go, and seem to be everywhere all the time, you need a babysitter who’s going to be able to keep up with the flow. On the other hand, if your kids are quiet and reserved, a sitter with a never-ending supply of energy may be a bit more than what they’re ready to tolerate.


Though your children’s safety and happiness, as well as the value of a loving, experienced sitter are invaluable, price is obviously a concern for most families. You’ll find our caregivers’ fees displayed on their profiles. Alternatively, you can filter your search based on a specific price range. We also offer a price calculator to help you learn more about the conventional pay rate for babysitters in your area based on the number of children in your family.

A Wide Range of Additional Aspects

Your children are unique and so are your needs when it comes to finding the right caregiver. While personality, overall experience, available time frames, and cost are important aspects to consider, a number of other elements could come into play. Babysitters Registry gives you the freedom of tailoring your search to a variety of specific parameters, such as:

  • Fluency in certain languages
  • Level of education
  • Certifications (CPR, First Aid, Teaching, Medical Certificate)
  • Experience with special needs, including ADHD, Epilepsy, Diabetes, Hearing Impairment and many others

You can choose potential caregivers based on their previous ratings from other families as well. We also provide a number of articles and additional resources to aid in your search for a babysitter. We cover elements ranging from effectively narrowing down your options to developing finely honed interviewing techniques.

Simply Enter Your Zip Code to Get Started

Whether you’re hoping for a well-deserved night out or needing someone to care for your children every week night until you get home from work, Babysitters Registry can connect you to a variety of caregivers in your immediate area. Start by entering your zip code, and discover what our website has to offer. You’ll find sitters who’ll come to your home or invite your children into theirs. For those of you in need of a daycare center for your toddlers, an after-school program for your older kids, or both, check out our Daycare Directory.

You’ll also find caregivers willing and able to go above and beyond the norm. A number of our sitters stand ready to chauffeur your youngsters to soccer and dance practice, provide tutoring services, prepare dinner, start a load of laundry, and provide several other services. They’re available in your local area and waiting for a family in need of their skill sets.

Browse our website, and start making connections to place your children in the hands of the most capable sitters in your vicinity.