When school is out for summer break, parents often have the dilemma of how to find a babysitter to care for their children. Another drawback of summer break is the lack of retention of what was learned throughout the school year. Research suggests that school children experience what is known as ‘summer learning loss’ every June, July, and August. If summer school isn’t offered in your school district, enlisting the assistance of a tutor may be a viable option to help prevent summer learning loss.

The end of the school year is a time when parents often find themselves in search of both babysitters and tutors. Thanks to modern-day technology like the Internet, it’s very possible to find both.

There are trusted websites that are dedicated to helping parents find babysitters online. These sites are useful because they offer descriptions, credentials, and references for local sitters and tutors. These profiles are helpful because they allow parents to match their exact needs to the experience level of the babysitter or tutor.

There are some parents that need the combination of a sitter and a tutor. It may cost a little more, but this is definitely an attainable goal. Simply conduct your online search utilizing this combination of criteria. This may involve half- or whole-day learning sessions. It is definitely possible to split child care and tutoring up throughout a given day. A parent can pay a person to tutor for half the day and pay a sitter for the other half. This may be more cost effective, but it will vary by provider.

The quest to find local babysitters is usually a little more time consuming. Online sites offer backgrounds, profiles, and even user reviews. There are bulletin boards that have information about local sitters. There are even some classified ads in newspapers where people advertise their in-home child care services. A more reliable source, however, is word-of-mouth and qualified online referrals from credible resources.

Friends are another method to help you find qualified summer tutoring and child care. Most friends have experienced the same dilemma at some point in their child-rearing years. Many are glad to refer you to sources they’ve utilized. The best thing about this type of referral is that you are hearing first-hand from a source you can trust. This makes all the difference in the world. Parents with referrals have peace-of-mind in their child’s care for the summer months. With high-quality referrals, parents can rest easy in the summer care of their children.

It’s always a good idea to find summer tutoring and child care options before school is actually released. It’s not a good idea to wait until school is done for the school year. By this time, many of the quality summer care and tutoring options are already booked up. This is why it’s definitely better to start your online research early and weigh the options long before summer vacation approaches.

If you haven’t already arranged for your child’s summer care, or if he or she is need of summer tutoring options, choose a trusted resource like Babysitters Registry. Click here to search from a list of quality summer tutor options. Feel free to view the background checks and user reviews of our qualified child care providers!