Sometimes people end up disappointed in the results they receive from their housekeeper, but it’s not always due to poor work. Many times it’s merely a case of the home owners having mistaken expectations on what a housekeeper is actually responsible for. Housekeepers are generally responsible for dusting, wiping, vacuuming, mopping, and cleaning bathrooms. Most extra things are negotiable and can be added to the chore list for additional compensation, but if you have requested a standard house cleaning, here are some things that might not get done for you:

Inside of appliances- Many people are surprised to find that the housekeeper did not clean the inside of their oven, refrigerator, or microwave. Typically they only wipe and shine the outside of appliances. If you want them to clean the inside of your appliances regularly, you must inform them ahead of time and it is likely to cost extra.

Dishes- Housekeepers rarely clean dirty dishes because that is considered a personal mess and not their responsibility. Make sure that you don’t have dishes piled in your sink before the housekeeper arrives. Even if you have a dishwasher, most housekeepers are not okay with handling your dirty dishes unless you previously agreed upon it. If you have dishes in the sink, your sink area may be left unclean.

Organizing personal items- You should clear the floor of any toys or clothes that are lying around before your cleaning person arrives. It’s really not a housekeeper’s job to pick up your personal belongings and they shouldn’t have to touch your dirty laundry in order to vacuum the floor. They aren’t supposed to organize your personal items such as bathroom toiletries. Sometimes cleaning people will move these items to clean the surfaces beneath them, but it’s not their responsibility to put them away in cupboards or organize them in any way.

Windows- Although housekeepers usually clean walls, baseboards, and mirrors, they usually are not responsible for the windows of the home. Doing so usually comes at an extra charge. Window cleaning is a very large task and depending on your home it can be exhausting and hazardous. Don’t expect window cleaning to be a part of your housekeeper’s to-do list.

Instead of being unpleasantly surprised about what didn’t get done, make sure you talk to your housekeeper ahead of time and clearly go over what the job expectations are. This way you won’t be disappointed and your housekeeper won’t be unfairly criticized for the work that they provide.