The transition into more advanced stages of care and personal assistance can be really difficult for senior citizens and their families to cope with. Most people don’t want to relinquish their independence and move into nursing homes unless they really have to. But most people do end up needing more help in their day-to-day life. Families are often put in the uncomfortable position of trying to convince their elderly loved ones that they just aren’t able to care for themselves the way they used to.

However, nursing homes aren’t the only option and they don’t always have to be the first choice. Individualized home care can still guarantee that senior citizens receive the special assistance they need without lumping them into a large group of people in a nursing home whose capabilities may be far beneath their own.

For instance, if your loved one no longer has the ability to drive for groceries or cook their own meals, but are still continent and capable of doing other things, home visits from a care provider may be a much better solution.

There are a few things you want to look for when browsing the online profiles of senior caregivers in your area. Aside from experience and references, you want to keep an eye out for caregivers that have any special certifications such as first aid, CPR, or basic life support. Having medical training is always a huge benefit and you will know your loved one can be given any emergency medical assistance that may be needed.

You also want to see if your prospective caregiver has relative experience in any special circumstances that your loved one may have. If a caregiver has previously worked with someone with diabetes, Parkinson’s, special digestive problems such as catheters or colostomy bags, or special mobility problems such as being in a wheelchair, then you can feel comfortable knowing that they will be able to handle whatever unique circumstances your elderly relative may have as well.

The next thing you should evaluate is what services the caregiver is willing to offer. You will need to know ahead of time if they are able to bathe people, handle continence care, cook meals, provide transportation, and administer shots and medicine.

The great thing about hiring a home caregiver for a senior citizen is that you can individualize the level care specifically for their needs, which will make them feel secure and not demeaned or insulted. They will still be able to feel independent, and you can have ease of mind.