Over the past few decades, the methods used to find babysitters have changed dramatically. Parents used to turn to local high school students or friendly neighborhood adults to watch their children when they had something that they needed to do. Now, with all of the horror stories in the news about the things that untrustworthy individuals have done to the children of others, many parents are seeking a more comprehensive method of choosing the people to whom they are entrusting their children. Fortunately, online resources have made the ability to find local babysitters that you can trust easier than ever.

Background Checks

One of the most important things that many parents are looking for are babysitters with clean background checks. Many news reports have revealed that some babysitters charged with harming the children in their care had prior charges for harming children in the past. With a comprehensive background check, parents can check if the babysitter has been charged with violence or theft in the past and use that information to decide whether to hire that person to watch their child. Some online babysitting registries used to find babysitters online conduct background checks on all the individuals registered to babysit on their websites to provide the parents with the most relevant information available.

Local References

Another benefit to using online resources to find local babysitters is the ability to see the references of other local people that have used the babysitter before you. Using these resources will help parents see whether the babysitter is engaged and friendly towards children or if they just place the kids in front of the television to wait until their parents come home. This method to find babysitters online is becoming more popular as more parents decide to submit information about the babysitters they have used.

Pre-screened Babysitters

One of the biggest benefits to using online resources to find child care assistance is the ability to find pre-screened babysitters that have undergone a rigorous screening to determine their suitability for being a babysitter. Different pre-screening companies have different criteria that they use to determine a babysitter’s suitability, but most require a clean criminal history and previous experience with children for a babysitter to be added to their listing. These companies can either recommend a babysitter in your area that suits your needs or send a babysitter to your home on assignment, in which case you pay the company and the company pays the babysitter.

Using these online resources to find babysitters in your area can make your search short and simple. You get the peace of mind of knowing that you have chosen a good choice for your children, and the babysitter earns more business by being promoted by others. Using these resources, there is a good chance that you will be able to find a babysitter that you can trust to have a lasting relationship with your family for as long as the children need a babysitter.